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Name Cert #
Certificate Type Effective Expires City Status
Guizhen Qi 56210
Certified Massage Therapist 5/2/2014 5/2/2016 Anza Active


CAMTC Certified/Licensed


Anza Ca., Aguanga Ca., Garner Valley Ca., Lake Hemet Ca., Mountain Center Ca., Pinyon Pines Ca. and More


Training in Chinese

   Oriental, Asian


-- Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine -- Applied Anatomy --

             *Meridians and Collaterals(circulation) --

  --Massage Needling Techniques -- Full Body Health Massage --

--Subhealth Massage -- Therapeutic Massage--

-- Ruo-Shi Health Foot Massage -- Beauty Treatment Massage--

-- Slim Massage -- Scraping and Cupping--

*The Chinese Medicine Meridian System

So, what is a meridian anyway?  Simply put, a meridian is an ‘energy highway’ in the human body. Qi (chee) energy flows through this meridian or energy highway, accessing all party of the body. Meridians can be mapped throughout the body; they flow within the body and not on the surface, meridians exist in corresponding pairs.

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From - The Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences (ACOS)



Senior Massage

                                                                                    Pain Management

                                                           Medical Massage Therapist 

located in Anza California 92539

                                                                         Licensed & Certified  CMT # 56210

             In Office or In Home Therapy is available to Anza Ca 92539. and the General Area



                                                                          MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY
                                                                                           9AM TO 8PM
                                                       SORRY AFTER DARK MOBILE IS NOT AVAILABLE  

Stressful Life Styles and Repetitive work can bring on Sciatica and Pain to the Neck, Shoulders,

Back, Legs, Feet, and More.   

Anza Magic Massage Therapy is here to Help.

Anza  Massage Therapy 38160 Cary Rd. Anza Ca. 92539


english 1-714-673-9033      chinese 951-491-3317

 Medical Massage upon the recommendation of Your Doctor

  We can Bill Insurance.

Massage Therapy often can be helpful in Relieving Tenderness after Surgery, Accidental

Injury, Heavy Physical Labor or Sports.

Massage Therapy may also be a valuable treatment

for Tension.

THERAPEUTIC Massage is Administered by a Fully Licensed and "Certified Massage

Therapist" (C.M.T.) Professional with over 10 Years Experience In Traditional Chinese Massage


Traditional Chinese Massage

Oriental, Asian,

Experience and Education is Authenticated by the International Education Research Foundation Inc.(I.E.R.F) and is Acknowledged and Certified by the California Massage Therapy


We Are Fully Licensed to do Business In The State of California.

Thank You For your Valuable Time, Hope To See You Soon:

Good Health To You!

Chi Zhen   

(GuiZhen Qi)

Anza Magic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               38160 Cary Rd. Anza Ca. 92539

Office 1-714-673-9033 Cell 951-491-3317

Ms Zhen Che is listed at


China: Massage has developed continuously in China for over 5000 years.[citation needed] Western ideas are considered within the traditional framework. It is widely practiced and taught in hospital and medical schools and is an essential part of health maintenance and primary healthcare.[15]


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Anza,  Aguanga, Garner Valley, Lake Hemet, Mountain Center, Pinyon Pines, and More



Never had a Professional Massage? You Need, and Deserve one! This is a Swedish full body massage with a Foot Massage, done on a raised Table. The Exact procedure varies depending on what you ask for and the Therapist. With Music and Aroma, Talk about Relaxing,        Video 6.46 Minutes Long.

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Chi Zhen

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